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Mushroom Music Publishing

Our far.

Young&Vicious is a boutique rights management and music publishing company focused on the curation of extraordinary talent and hit songs. We are committed to empowering songwriters, artists, producers, and A&Rs to develop their talents and launch successful careers.


Early on, we formed a long term joint venture with Michael Gudinski AM and Matt Gudinski, founders of the most successful independent music publisher in Australasia, Mushroom Music Publishing — years later, that decision to remain independent has continued to serve us well.


Despite our growing global roster, Y&V maintains all the advantages of a smaller operation, one major benefit being the flexibility to form strategic connections with publishing partners. For us, that translates to creative freedom:


“We get to ditch many of the old ways for a much more effective method.
That means we connect with the best of the best in every country and every
territory where our music is distributed. [It’s] a global network of interested
parties who all want to work together.”

- Andrew Hawkins

As the Young&Vicious movement continues to expand outward, the company remains focused inward with the philosophy that big wins don’t happen without attention to the small things. Even the ampersand holds weight at Y&V - it’s the connection point where passion meets pragmatism, where the business side meets the creative side, and where listeners meet new music.

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