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Sydney artist CXLOE has stunned us with her signature dark-pop sound sharing a new moody electronic single that is both immersive and heartfelt. The release of ‘Heavy’ commemorates the reveal of her first body of work titled Heavy, Pt. 1. marking a defining moment in the artist’s career as she soars from one high to the next.

Luring us into the dark side, this enigmatic and brooding electro-pop tune comes with a fierce and fiery touch. Addictive and catchy with its strong rhythmic beats and deep bass, ‘Heavy’ glimmers with electronica taking us on an evocative sonic journey. CXLOE‘s soaring, edgy and intensely emotional vocals are the standout feature in the song with her raw and honest lyrics exploring the heavier moments in life. Reflecting on fading love in a once vibrant relationship, this track is incredibly emotive, amplified by its atmospheric electronic elements. Setting the tone for the rest of the EP, ‘Heavy’ is an embodiment of past traumas and vulnerabilities that have ultimately evoked the creation of a powerful and melodious new tune.

Talking about the new release CXLOE explains,“‘Heavy’ is all about the feeling I feel most days. The song talks about a relationship that was once light and full of love but now carries too much weight to handle. I feel this extreme switch with a lot of things in my life and most of the time its self-sabotage. Another beautiful trait of mine.”

‘Heavy’ comes with an accompanying music video that ventures into dark dimensions featuring CXLOE amongst distorted visuals and artistic cinematography. From static television screens to warped surroundings we watch as the artist examines herself and her situation. Becoming self aware, she is awakened to see the distressing experience she has had with love that is quite literally manipulating and distorting the world around her. The overall mood of the song is perfectly captured in this video shedding light on the darker sides of life.

CXLOE is set to deliver music that is rich in personal experience and self-acceptance on Heavy, Pt. 1. Her latest release follows the tracks ’12 Steps’ and ‘One and Lonely’ that are already shaping the forthcoming EP into a collection of introspective and deeply personal bodies of work. Addressing intimate issues and taboos including addiction, loneliness, and heartbreak, this artist is pushing boundaries creating music that is evocative, impactful, and mesmeric all at the same time.

Heavy, Pt. 1. is out October 16.


Image: Supplied

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